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Fantasy Golf Advice

With the popularity of fantasy sports continually on the rise, golf is starting to get in on the action with fantasy golf leagues popping up online. Joining a fantasy golf league is a great way to increase your enjoyment of the sport while giving you extra incentive to follow your favorite golfers. Seeking out accurate and useful fantasy golf advice can help you turn a nice profit while watching the sport of golf.

Know Your Golfers

The first tip you need to keep in mind when joining a fantasy golf league is to know all of the golfers on the tour. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the golfers on the PGA Tour will allow you to pair up a golfer with a certain course that is tailor made for his strengths. For example, drafting a golfer who is excellent at hitting the fairway with his drive on a course that has a longer than normal rough will increase your chances of receiving a better score that week as your golfer is more likely to avoid the treacherous rough.

If you did not know that a specific golfer was such a good driver, you would have never known to select him for that week's tournament.

Follow the Stats

Most novice golf fans do not realize that stats are kept for golf. Using these stats to make an informed decision on which golfer to draft for a given weekend can really improve your fantasy golf results. Stats such as average drive distance, percentage of fairways hit, greens in regulation and average number of putts all give you a good indication as to a player's current form.

Drafting a golfer that is in good form playing on a course that is well suited towards his strengths can give you a significant leg up on your fantasy golf opponents

Analyze your Results

The best fantasy golf advice you can follow is to analyze your results after every week of competition. Even if you have a good fantasy golf week, you want to analyze your results to see where you made a good decision and where you did not make such a good decision and then figure out what that is the case.

If you can start to notice trends as to why certain golfers perform well during a given tournament, you will be able to use that knowledge in the future to help you select the best possible fantasy golf lineup.

Fantasy golf is a quickly growing fantasy sports game that is changing the way people watch the game of golf. With a few fantasy golf tips in hand, you can obtain a competitive advantage over your opponents to help you win your fantasy golf league. Becoming very familiar with all of the golfers on the PGA Tour, using statistics to know when a golfer is in good form and analyzing your results to see if you can notice any trends are some excellent ways you can improve upon your current fantasy golf results. Now all you need to do is sign up for a league and start playing!

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Your Fantasy Golf Challenge

Pick a single golfer for each PGA tournament and whatever money that golfer earns will earn you points towards cash and prizes.

You must use your knowledge and skill to select the best golfer for each tournament, but you may only use a golfer in one tournament.